Village Council meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month at 4:30 PM.

St. Louis Village Office

Council History

(1959 - present)



Earl Lefevre

Bertrand Regnier

Hector Tremblay

Henri Pouilot

Claude Compagna




Claude Compagna

Bertrand Regnier

Fred Boucher

Emile Lussier

Roland Petit

Les Rancourt

Marc Caron




(1959 - present)

Conrad Silde          Jack Nelson

Bruce Tetarenko    John Uvery

Bert Regnier        Armand Cochet

Andrew King         Medric McDougall

Denis Bertrand      Hector Tremblay

Romuald Leblanc Robert Burns Swain

William Mylymok Fernand Gaudet

Henri Pouliot         Alexis Cousin

Joseph Carey          Fred Boucher

Tony Houle            Joseph Cochet

Maurice Ferland    Ron Pelletier

Sonny Vandale      Clovis Regnier

Denis Rancourt      Bill Smytaniuk

Roland Petit           Joan Boyer

Les Rancourt Bonnie Kuppenbender

Dale Kuhn              Sonny Vandale

Denis Patrick         Cindy Petit

Pauline Doucet      Marc Caron

Derek Jenny           Aimee McDougall

Lloyd McDougall    Shane Jenny

Jennifer Jenny         Tristen Boettcher

Janelle Paul

The Village of St. Louis Office is open year round, Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to Noon and from 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM.



Stop by the Office for any information that you may require.


We can help you with any utility, tax, assessment, building permit, dog license, business license, village bylaw, street maintenance, photocopying and any other village question that you may have.

St. Louis Fire Hall & Water Works

St. Louis Maintenance Shop

Text Box: St. Louis Village Council & Services

To contact us:

Phone: 306-422-8471

Fax: 306-422-8450


Marc Caron, Mayor


Tristen Boettcher, Village Councillor


Shane Jenny, Village Councillor


Jennifer Jenny, Village Councillor


Janelle Paul, Village Councillor


Robin Boyer, Administrator


Ryan McCloy, Village Maintenance