This page is available for community members to post any news items on a monthly basis.


If you have something that you would like to post on the website for the upcoming month, please drop off any items at the Village Office by the 25th of the month.


Submissions can also be made by e-mail:

St. Louis Bowling Alley now offers glow bowling.  If interested, for information or bookings contact Ellen at 422 - 8237.

2017 Dog Licenses are now available from the Village Office.  Please stop by and license your pet for 2017.  Fees for 2017 will be:


Females- $10.00

Males - $10.00


Mass Schedule for May 2017


Roman Catholic Services

St. Louis -  Sunday  @ 9:00 a.m.


Domremy - Saturday @ 7:00 p.m.


River’s Edge Villa—Saturday @ 3:30 p.m.


Anglican Services

Emmanuel Church Sunday Worship Services are at 9:30 a.m.  Everyone is welcome.



2017 Waste & Recycle Collection Schedule is now available.



Please be aware that the Village has a speed limit of 40 km/h on all streets, including Riverside Drive. (except in School Zones, which are marked, where it is 30 km/h).


There is an increasing problem with speed on Riverside Drive and the Village will be installing more signage to educate the public.  The RCMP will be enforcing speed limits.


Please ensure to drive with safety and within the posted speed limits on municipal streets.  If the problem persists Council will be looking at further alternatives to controlling the speed on Riverside Drive.


Thank you for your cooperation.



 St. Louis Housing Authority


·        3 bedroom family social housing units available.

·         Rent is calculated based on 30% of gross monthly income

·         In order to qualify for family social housing you must have at least one dependant

·         Assets below $50,000

·         An annual income below $48,500

·         Contact info – St. Louis Housing Authority,

         Box127, Phone 306-961-7654

,    Email-

·         Application forms may be collected – Village Office,



Please be advised that the Village of St. Louis has been approved for an advertising sign corridor on the southeast side of the intersection to Provincial Highways # 2 & # 25, travelling north.  Opportunities are now available for local businesses to advertise within the Sign Corridor.  Any business or service club wishing to advertise in this corridor must be located within the municipal limits of the Village of St. Louis or within 10 kms of the Sign Corridor.


There is currently space for 20 advertisers at this location and advertising spots will be allocated on a first paid basis.  Permit application will be available from the St. Louis Village Office beginning April 4, 2016.

Each permitted advertiser will be required to provide the Village with a 4’ x 8’ advertising sign constructed of approved material (at their cost).  The Village must give approval of all sign proofs before you have it constructed and installed.


There is a $300 installation fee (materials and labour) and an annual advertising fee of $200 (administration, land rental and maintenance).  This is payable to the Village of St. Louis at the time of application.


Contact the St. Louis Village Office for more information .



Community Grant Program

Community Service Groups, please be advised that the Community Grant Program is now accepting applications from local service clubs and groups that require funding for sport culture and recreation programs that they are planning between April 1, 2017 and March 31, 2018.

Application forms are available from the St. Louis Village Office.  Groups that received funding last year will be sent the application package.

This grant program is available to all groups in the community, especially programs or events that target sport, culture and recreation programs that represent under-represented populations, such as: seniors, indigenous people, economically disadvantaged, women, persons with disabilities, youth at risk and single parent families.

For more information or to see if your program will qualify, contact the St. Louis Village Office.


 Utility Accounts

St. Louis Village Council is currently reviewing the utility account billing process.  As expenses to the Village are incurred and paid for on a monthly basis and invoice billing only done quarterly, it is imperative that all accounts remain current.  The Village is not in a position to allow utility accounts to remain outstanding past the 20 day due date.


Village Council is considering various options to ensure prompt payment of utility accounts, including monthly billing, interest charges on past due accounts, transferring past due charges to tax accounts and disconnection of services, where warranted.


Please ensure that your utility account is current to avoid additional charges or service disconnection.  Your prompt payment ensures that no financial strain is placed on the municipality and that required service and maintenance levels can be maintained within the water and wastewater utility.


Thank you for your cooperation.


 Bylaw Enforcement Services

The Village will again be contracting with EPS Management Services Inc. of Prince Albert to provide help in the area of Bylaw enforcement May through September this year.


Initially, they will be targeting the Nuisance Abatement Bylaw and the Dog Licensing and Control Bylaw.


The Nuisance Abatement Bylaw deals with any yards or properties that are “untidy” or “unsightly” including overgrown grass and weeds, solid waste accumulations,  old vehicles and any other waste materials kept on a property or encroaching onto municipal property or road allowances.  The Dog Licensing and Control Bylaw deals with unlicensed dogs, dogs running at large, dogs barking or howling constantly so as to create a nuisance and dogs defecating on property not that of their owner and not being cleaned up.


Uniformed officers will be in the community and they will have full authority to enforce the regulations of the Bylaws and issue violation notices as required.


If you have any areas that you think may be a concern, please rectify at your earliest convenience or you may be subject to a violation notice.  This includes maintaining your yard and property and ensuring that your dogs are licensed.


You cooperation with these enforcement officers is expected and appreciated.



 Citizens on Patrol

The local RCMP is willing to partner with the Village to operate a Citizens on Patrol Program in the community to help curb local crime concerns. 


To initiate the program we would require a Committee and a Plan of Service that would need to be implemented.  It is anticipated that possibly 20 or more volunteers would be required to operate the program and funding requirements would need to be determined.


The Village is collecting information and requests that anyone interested in helping out in this venture to contact the Village Office to discuss your possible participation.


Village Council will see if this is a worthwhile venture to help promote the safety of our residents and property. 


Any comments, suggestions or ideas are welcome.  If enough interest is shown an informational meeting will be set up.


ST. LOUIS LIONS CLUB                                                                                                                                                          PONY CHARIOT & CHUCKWAGON RACES                                                                                         Saturday, May 27th....... 2pm & 6pm Sunday, May 28th....... 1pm & 5pm                                     @ST. LOUIS RODEO GROUNDS                                                                               Admission: adults $10.00                                                     students $5.00                  preschool FREE                                                        

Beer gardens and concessions on the grounds                                       

THANK YOU TO OUR MAJOR SPONSORS:   Belle Pulses,  JG's Collision,                                             St. Louis business group                                                                   

for more info call 306-961-2901     or    306-467-7638



Village Office Closed

Please be aware that in observance of the Victoria Day Holiday the St. Louis Village office will be closed on Monday May 22, 2017.


Thank you for your understanding.



Development & Building Permit Process

 St. Louis Village Council recently approved a new Building Bylaw and wishes to update residents on the required process when considering any type of building or development on property located within the Village of St. Louis.


The Village of St. Louis requires property owners or contractors to obtain a Development Permit and a separate Building Permit when considering any type of development or construction on any residential, commercial/industrial or agricultural lot within the Village of St. Louis municipal limits.


The Development Permit ensures that all regulations contained within the Village of St. Louis Zoning Bylaw and Amendments are met before any development or construction can occur.


The Building Permit ensures that all construction is carried out in accordance with the Village of St. Louis Building Bylaw and all applicable current National Building Codes and Provincial Legislation.


Development Permit / Building Permit Process is as follows:

1. When undertaking any type of development or construction, residents must first complete an application for a Development Permit, which is available from the Village Office and return it complete with required sketches, drawings and information, along with required fee, to Village Administrator;
2. Administrator passes on application for a Development Permit to Development Officer, where applicable, or to Council, if necessary, for a discretionary use;
3. If it is for a permitted development and conforms to provisions of the Village Zoning Bylaw, it is approved by the Development Officer or the Administrator;
4. If it is for a discretionary use, Council must review it before approving or disapproving the proposed development;
5. If a discretionary use is approved, a Development Permit is issued outlining any special standards prescribed by Council, which must be followed, for the proposed development;
6. If a discretionary use is not approved, Council will inform the applicant, in writing, citing the reasons for refusal;
7. Development Permits can be revoked if provisions are not followed;
8. Decisions can be appealed by the applicant if so desired, but only for permitted use refusals.  If a discretionary use is refused, it cannot be appealed.  The Village of St. Louis has a Development Appeals Board to hear any appeals.

9. Once an approved Development Permit has been obtained, residents must now apply for a Building Permit , which is also available from the Village Office and return it complete with required sketches, drawings and information, along with required fee, to Village Administrator;

10. If the work described in the application for a Building Permit complies with the requirements of the Village of St. Louis Building Bylaw, the municipal official, upon receipt of the prescribed fee, shall issue a Building Permit.

11. The Village of St. Louis may, at its discretion, have plan review, inspection and other services provided by a person, firm or corporation employed under contract to the Village.

12. The fees for plan review, inspection and other services will be paid by the applicant in accordance with the Village Building Bylaw at the time application for a Building Permit is made.



* For sewer and water installations, replacements, a separate Plumbing Permit is required.





May 27, 2017

9 AM—4 (5) PM


Rain or Shine, Come one, Come all


Come and set up a table or fill up your pocket purse to buy.


Posters will be mailed out to surrounding communities to advertise.



The Village of St. Louis is now accepting applications for the position of Full -Time Summer Student within the Village Maintenance Department, with duties to commence on July 4, 2017, running for 8 weeks, ending on August 25, 2017.  This position is being made possible with the contribution of the Federal – Canada Summer Jobs Program.


The successful candidate will be expected to work 35 hours per week, 7 hours per day, Monday through Friday.  (8:30 AM – 4:30 PM with an hour off for lunch)


Responsibilities include all aspects of overall general maintenance for the community, as directed by Village Maintenance Foreman and Administrator.


Duties include but are not limited to:


Waste collection/removal – Grass cutting - weed control - Minor building repair & maintenance – painting – facilities cleaning – street and boulevard maintenance - Other related tasks as assigned by the Village Maintenance Foreman or Administrator.


Qualifications and assets;

Must be a current student returning to school in the fall, either High School or Post Secondary

The ability to work with minimal supervision.

The ability to work well with others and as part of a team.

The ability to interact in a positive manner with members of the general public.

The ability to do physical labour

Minor yard work skills and equipment experience

Valid driver’s license required


Please submit a resume outlining current education level, future education plans, any prior work experience and two personal references to:


Village of St. Louis

c/o Summer Student

Box 40

St. Louis, Sask.

S0J 2C0


Or via e-mail to:


Applications will be accepted until Thursday June 8, 2017.  For further information please contact the St. Louis Village Office at (306) 422-8471.

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