As well as offering many Businesses, Service Club and Sports Associations, the Village of St. Louis also offers the services of many recreational and cultural services along with Roman Catholic and Anglican Church Services.

This includes the Couer Franc French Association and the Local # 28 Metis Society.

The Village of St. Louis also has many services available for Senior Citizens with the St. Joseph’s Senior Centre, McDougall Wings Personal Care Home and the Sunset View Senior’s Lodge.

St. Louis offers the younger kids an excellent Community School, (K - Grade 12) complete with playground, basketball and tennis courts.

Daily Postal service is provided by Canada Post.

St. Louis also has a full service volunteer Fire Department.

For a complete list of current community events click here.

Village of St. Louis

To contact us:

Phone: 306-422-8471

Fax: 306-422-8450


Text Box: St. Louis Service Club Directory

Association Culturel Coeur Franc Inc.



St. Louis Catholic Women’s League

Perform many services for the community. (CWL Centennial Parade)


St. Louis - St. Joseph Seniors Club - Bowling Alley

151 Riverside Drive



St. Louis Community School

167 & 205 - 2nd Street



St. Louis Historical Society

Active Village partners in maintaining the rich culture and history

of the area.


St. Louis Lions Club

Long standing service club committed to the community.


St. Louis Local # 28 Metis Society

Involved in many worthwhile community ventures.


St. Louis Knights of Columbus

Long-standing community minded service club.